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The Shameless Mocking of one Elizabeth Weir

Hi! *waves* I've been lurking in the community for awhile now. I came at first to read "Wrong Kinds Guy" (Awesome story) and decided I wanted to do something in the shermer high 'verse. So, I got bored in class today.. ok on Saturday as well during my psych class (4 hours of lecture, on a saturday? you would get bored too) so I started doodling and then started thinking back to langford_u and how pirateexchange had written Notes from the Underground. Basically a bunch of air head girls mooning over John. So I started thinging about Teyla and Elizabeth writing notes during one of there classes and well.... I got

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hope you enjoy and let me know what you think :-D

X-Posted at my journal, shermer_high and john_elizabeth so sorry to all who are getting this a few times.
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