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new fic! "In The Game" by tielan

TITLE: In The Game
AUTHOR: Tielan
SUMMARY: There's a game to be played and won - but the stakes may be higher than John Sheppard realises.
CATEGORY: high school AU, drama, WIP
NOTES: Why, yes, campers, I'm back with a sequel to 'Wrong Kind Of Guy'! This story starts some time after 'Wrong Kind Of Guy' and is going to be long, both in timespan and in wordcount.

I dedicate this with so much grateful thanks to all the people who loved the last story enough to leave feedback on it, and to the American football fans who've adjusted, corrected, commented, beta'd and *prodded* me in the writing of this!

In The Game: Chapter One -" A Game That Counts"
In The Game: Chapter Two - "Made For Walking"
In The Game: Chapter Three - "Settling And Sorting"

The story's still a WIP and will hopefully be completed over Christmas/New Year. Feedback will be very welcome.
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