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fic notice: "In The Game" by Tielan, PG-13

TITLE: In The Game
AUTHOR: Tielan
PAIRING: John/Teyla
PREQUEL: Wrong Kind Of Guy
NOTES: It's a slightly late notice, but, continuing on the scenario laid out in Wrong Kind Of Guy, this fic takes up the story a fortnight later and carries the friendships and interactions of the Shermer High crowd on through to Christmas and the New Year. It's still a WIP, but Chapter Five is the end of Part One, and so a fitting point at which to post this notice.

Hope you open your mind and enjoy!

Chapters One, Two, and Three

Chapter Four: Pep Talks

"I help a lot of people get good marks. They're usually grateful. In fact, I was hoping Teyla would choose to show her gratefulness by going to Homecoming with me - you know, sporty, good-looking girl goes out with intelligent, loveable geek - only to be pipped at the post by the jock captain of the football team!"

Chapter Five: Full Of Grace

John was ready to party. He was ready to take a good-looking girl out to dinner with a bunch of their friends, and dance like he had the right to dance after being part and parcel of the Homecoming team.
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