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fic: In The Game - Chapter Eight, PG-13 [John/Teyla]

TITLE: In The Game - Chapter Eight: The Home Game
AUTHOR: Tielan
SUMMARY: John starts making up with people. It's not an easy task.
CATEGORY: high school AU, drama, John/Teyla, background Elizabeth/Ronon and Carson/Laura
DISCLAIMER: Neither the characters from Stargate Atlantis, nor Shermer High are mine. I'm borrowing them for the purposes of my writing, and am making no money from this story.
NOTES: Still going. I'm going to try to get this story done by the end of October, just to finish the damn thing. it's been lying around too long and needs completing! Also, a story note: in Wrong Kind Of Guy, I know that I said that Jeannie McKay was college age while Rodney's still in high school. At the time, McKay And Mrs. Miller hadn't aired so I wasn't aware otherwise. At any rate, Jeannie McKay's age has taken a six-year nosedive between the last story and this one. Details, details.

In The Game - Chapter 8: The Home Game
SG - JT2

fic: In The Game - Chapter Seven [John/Teyla]

TITLE: In The Game - Chapter Seven
AUTHOR: tielan
CATEGORY: high school AU, drama, WIP
NOTES: This is a sequel to my previous shermer_high fic "Wrong Kind Of Guy".

Chapter One: A Game That Counts
Chapter Two: Made For Walking
Chapter Three: Settling And Sorting
Chapter Four: Pep Talks
Chapter Five: Full Of Grace
Chapter Six: Storm Clouds Gathering

Chapter Seven: Friday Night Fights

Rough was not the way to describe the game. Brutal might have done it justice. But that was nothing compared with John ending up with yet another friend annoyed with him.
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fic notice: "In The Game" by Tielan, PG-13

TITLE: In The Game
AUTHOR: Tielan
PAIRING: John/Teyla
PREQUEL: Wrong Kind Of Guy
NOTES: It's a slightly late notice, but, continuing on the scenario laid out in Wrong Kind Of Guy, this fic takes up the story a fortnight later and carries the friendships and interactions of the Shermer High crowd on through to Christmas and the New Year. It's still a WIP, but Chapter Five is the end of Part One, and so a fitting point at which to post this notice.

Hope you open your mind and enjoy!

Chapters One, Two, and Three

Chapter Four: Pep Talks

"I help a lot of people get good marks. They're usually grateful. In fact, I was hoping Teyla would choose to show her gratefulness by going to Homecoming with me - you know, sporty, good-looking girl goes out with intelligent, loveable geek - only to be pipped at the post by the jock captain of the football team!"

Chapter Five: Full Of Grace

John was ready to party. He was ready to take a good-looking girl out to dinner with a bunch of their friends, and dance like he had the right to dance after being part and parcel of the Homecoming team.
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new fic! "In The Game" by tielan

TITLE: In The Game
AUTHOR: Tielan
SUMMARY: There's a game to be played and won - but the stakes may be higher than John Sheppard realises.
CATEGORY: high school AU, drama, WIP
NOTES: Why, yes, campers, I'm back with a sequel to 'Wrong Kind Of Guy'! This story starts some time after 'Wrong Kind Of Guy' and is going to be long, both in timespan and in wordcount.

I dedicate this with so much grateful thanks to all the people who loved the last story enough to leave feedback on it, and to the American football fans who've adjusted, corrected, commented, beta'd and *prodded* me in the writing of this!

In The Game: Chapter One -" A Game That Counts"
In The Game: Chapter Two - "Made For Walking"
In The Game: Chapter Three - "Settling And Sorting"

The story's still a WIP and will hopefully be completed over Christmas/New Year. Feedback will be very welcome.
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Fic: A Small Act of Kindness - - One Shot

Title: A Small Act of Kindness
Author: ladysarahjane
Fandom: Stargate Atlantis
Characters/Pairing: John Sheppard/Teyla Emmagan
Word Count: 298
Rating: PG
Disclaimer: I don't own Stargate Atlantis
Author's Notes: Follows the Alternate Reality as set up by shermer_high. I usually write AU's, so AR's are a whole new ballgame for me. Written for 7_virtues, the prompt was 02. Kindness.

Story located behind this fake cut!
A&G so beautiful

The Shameless Mocking of one Elizabeth Weir

Hi! *waves* I've been lurking in the community for awhile now. I came at first to read "Wrong Kinds Guy" (Awesome story) and decided I wanted to do something in the shermer high 'verse. So, I got bored in class today.. ok on Saturday as well during my psych class (4 hours of lecture, on a saturday? you would get bored too) so I started doodling and then started thinking back to langford_u and how pirateexchange had written Notes from the Underground. Basically a bunch of air head girls mooning over John. So I started thinging about Teyla and Elizabeth writing notes during one of there classes and well.... I got

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hope you enjoy and let me know what you think :-D

X-Posted at my journal, shermer_high and john_elizabeth so sorry to all who are getting this a few times.
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fic: Wrong Kind Of Guy - completed

TITLE: Wrong Kind Of Guy
AUTHOR: tielan
SUMMARY: He's not her kind of guy at all.
CATEGORY: Drama, high school AU, crack, Elizabeth/Ronon
NOTES: Right! We're finally done at a grand 35,000 words, twelve chapters, and a great deal of fun, anguish, conflict, and ups and downs. Thank you to those who followed it from go to whoa; as a writer, it's been a pleasure to witness your responses to the characters and the situations into which I've written them.

The link I've provided is to a page where all the chapters are linked for convenience so you don't have to hunt them down all over my journal.

Wrong Kind Of Guy
SGA - lizronon2

fic: 'Wrong Kind Of Guy' - Parts 7-9 [PG-13]

TITLE: Wrong Kind Of Guy (Parts 7-9)
CATEGORY: crackfic, high school AU for shermer_high
NOTES: Thanks to the people who are keeping up with this WIP! You'll be glad to know that it's a WIP no longer and will be fully posted over the next few days!

Part 7: In the back of her mind, she could hear a car horn honking, but the only thing she could really see was the cold, dark of Kolya's eyes watching her struggle against him in futile rebellion.

Part 8: The worst thing was that even with the hesitation, she didn't know if Ronon was lying or not.

Part 9: Now, she had no idea what was wrong.
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fic: Wrong Kind Of Guy - Part Six [PG-13]

TITLE: Wrong Kind Of Guy - Part Six
AUTHOR: Tielan
CATEGORY: crackfic, shermer_high AU
NOTES: I still have to write the final scene of this fic, but it's being a bitch and holding out. I don't know why. I think the muse got burned out after adding about 6,000 words to this story on the 28th Dec. She's not writing very much of anything right now.

Elizabeth had never been on a date with someone who she thought wanted to be with someone else. She couldn't imagine it was all that nice a feeling.