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This is a community for a Stargate Alternate Universe in a John Hughes movie type setting. The characters of Stargate Atlantis are the students who populate the halls of Shermer High and the characters of Stargate SG-1 are members of its faculty.

This is not an RP community, but rather a fic community where members are free to post their fanfiction in this Alternate Universe. It can be their interpretation of the following, or their own re-imagination altogether. As long as the basic idea is followed, rules aren't broken and we all get along. :)

The timeframe? Well, yes, while the movies take place in the 80s, it comes to mind that not everyone is familiar with the decade as they were quite young at the time. Pop culture references, such as music and clothing styles, may be difficult, so in that case, the timeframe is not going to be decade specific. If you want to set it in the 80s, then go for it. OR write about a dance they have with an 80s theme. OR just throw in the ocassional 80s reference if you feel so inclined. (For example: music and film stars, or specific songs playing the background, or political figures, or whatever!)

The Reasoning
SGA are the news kids on the block - the newbies - and therefore get to be the students; SG-1 have been there, done that, so they get to be the faculty. You get the idea. ;) Shermer High is the name of all the schools in the John Hughes films about high school from the 80s (ie. Pretty in Pink, The Breakfast Club and Sixteen Candles - the inspiration for this community).

The Characters

Elizabeth Weir: honour roll student, student body president (the first junior in school history to bear the honour), scholarship and college bound, plans on majoring in political sciences but would love to study art, is in love with the local football hero but he doesn't know it, best friends with Rodney

Rodney McKay: senior, school genius, skipped a grade, therefore a year ahead of Elizabeth although they are the same age, loves Elizabeth, protective of her, always thinks he's right, yet very unsure of himself, tends to push people away for fear of getting hurt, has an unhappy home life so hangs out with Elizabeth after school most evenings, head of the A/V club, bit of a crush on his phsyics teacher

John Sheppard: senior, captain of the football team, scholarship to MIT but will probably end up in the air force like his late father, math genius (but doesn't let anyone know it), popular, very outgoing, friends with everyone - even Rodney who has a tendancy to push people away, natural leader despite not wanting the role, thrill seeker, has a secret 'thing' for Elizabeth

Bates: as the second string quarterback (feels John stole the position from him), and he's more than willing to share his bitterness over it with everyone.

Radek Zelenka: an exchange student in the A/V club with Rodney, a shy but studious young man who looks up to Rodney and is one of his few friends.

Kavannaugh: that irritating honour roll student who always quibbles over his marks with all his teachers insisting that he's going to be *someone* and get out of that one-horse town and show them all. lol

Aiden Ford: sophmore recruit for the football team, a huge fan of John's and all around nice guy, being raised by his grandparents.

Teyla Emmagan: new girl in town from a very strict family steeped in culture, was home school up until this year, unfamiliar with the local customs which gets her into trouble more often than not, but a force to be reckoned with nonetheless. Has a thing for John too (but really, who doesn't?)

Ronon Dex: new transfer from the city, lives with foster parents, rides a motorbike, rumourmill has him involved with less than respectable characters and brushes with the law, leather jacket, tall, quiet, athletic looking, but thinks sports are stupid. His family was killed when gang members set fire to their apartment, but he doesn't discuss it.

Carson Beckett: a foreign student, hardly new to the halls of Shermer High, his father is a foreign diplomat from Scotland, somewhat shy, but gets along with everyone, especially the faculty, very smart

Kate Heightmeyer: student counsellor, aspirations of becoming a psychiatrist someday, very caring

The Wraith: a local gang terrorizing the community, partying, rabblerousing, destruction of personal property.

The Genii could be the rival gang to The Wraith, only not as ruthless, but certainly trouble for John and his friends.

Coach Sumner: in this AU didn't die, but rather is the school's football coach. He doesn't like John and would do anything to get him off his team, but John's popularity keeps the football team in funding and under scrutiny from the scouts.

Principal (George) Hammond: walks a fine line between order and getting results that matter, a man with as many commenations on his record as questionable decisions, somehow always comes out on top, a man of high morals, kind

Vice-Principal (Jack) O'Niell: a favourite amongst the students, one of only two staff members that rides a motorbike to school, deals with the "lost causes", had a son that attended Shermer High (died tragically), big supporter of the football team, not as big a fan of John Sheppard

Miss (Samantha) Carter: phsyics/science teacher, has a 'thing' for Vice-Principal O'Niell, incredibly intelligent, idealistic, believes she can change the world one student at a time

Mr. (Daniel) Jackson: history teacher, most of the female student body has a crush on him, quiet and unassuming, mostly keeps to himself especially since his wife Shari left him for another man and became pregnant before the divorce was finalized, another brilliant teacher, good friends with the librarian

Miss (Janet) Frasier: biology teacher, small but stern teacher, the teacher that most students (and often staff) go to with their hurts and problems, she takes care of things in Sherman High

Mr. T: phys. ed teacher, yes his name makes the kids laugh (just never to his face for fear of having it rearranged), very quiet large man, somewhat exotic

Mr. (Jonas) Quinn: English teacher, fresh out of college with the ink still wet on his teaching degree, unsure of himself but desperate to prove himself to the tightknit team that is the staff at Shermer High

Mr. (Jay) Felgar: math teacher, a little bit goofy/geeky, big crush on Miss Carter, kind heart, tries too hard

Catherine Langford: librarian, local historian, father was very wealthy and left a lot of money to Catherine, most of which she donated to the school where she works for a new library and books, library is named for her

Board of Education: members include the following Henry Hayes, Robert Kinsey, Jacob Carter (Samantha Carter's father)


  1. No flamewars please. :) I'm really non-confrontational (I'm Canadian, eh) and I like things all nice and calm, so let's play pretty, eh?

  2. Anyone may join and contribute to this universe. As long as you are contributing and not just posting random stuff like jokes and nonsense. Please try to keep the questions relevant and to the topic at hand. If at all possible, please look to see if this is even the correct community to find your answer, and see if the answer has been posted somewhere already.

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  4. If at all possible, try keep it PG-13 as most of the characters are underage. *shrug* Just a request is all. :)

  5. If you don't like a given backstory, change it. In fact, if the community likes it enough, we might even change it and it will become canon for the community. We're flexible like that. (although this might not happen too often)

  6. Not happy with the community's canon pairings? Change them! That's okay! Like I said, go ahead and change it. :) Think McKay *really* has a crush on Sheppard? Cool, then write it.

  7. Have fun!